“Ahna was very engaging and I know we all learned something new.” —Kyle, Youth Program Coordinator

“Your writing workshop was informative, encouraging, spiced with variety, and very effective.” —Diana

“Thank you so, so much for being my teacher this week. I feel that your talent has helped me unroll my own.” — Amber

“I appreciated your involvement in the exercises. Encouraging and helpful.” — Art

“You helped me so much and renewed my love for writing poetry….I wish the entire day was spent in our creative writing class.” —Allie

“…[My] life, my days, are so much more full of color and brightness and encouragement because of the affirmation of my talents and hopes that I’ve received here….” — Claire  (three-time Masterpiece workshop participant)

“You make poetry seem so accessible, but still so mysterious.” —Nikki

“Lovely content and inspiring encouragement” — Julie

“[The workshop] was led very well — great quotes and great guidance… Very glad I came. Thank you!” — Jude

“Great! Really. I felt like Ahna was clearly well-prepared but her leadership never felt heavy-handed. Thanks!” — Anonymous

“The poetry workshop was not only expertly led but it was deeply meaningful as well.” — Dixon